“If the written intro and photos don’t intrigue you – they should! One of the most satisfying experiences I have encountered. She is exactly as advertised – well perhaps even more stunning with a soft touch that was simply awesome.”

Drop dead gorgeous

Hands unlike any I have experienced.

“Absolutely a gem!!! She is undoubtedly beautiful and sexy; even more so than her pictures suggest, but it’s not that that got me. There’s an honesty, a degree of understanding, empathy, respect and understanding that made me feel welcomed.”

“Great experience! Photos are real and she’s gorgeous in person. Super friendly and helped me feel comfortable when I was very nervous.”

Exquisitely stunning beauty

“Smart, sensual and OMG soft hands!”

Awesome experience from venus, she’s a true professional and provides a warm, comforting atmosphere from the moment you arrive.

After reading all the other reviews, I had a hard time believing that she was more beautiful in person. It’s true though! She’s drop dead gorgeous! Her touch is soft, soothing, relaxing, & dare I say perfect. Her personality is what takes the cake. She is easy to talk to & is cool as hell.

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